There are very few books in existence that could explain what spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) means for children living with it. The story of Zac has been created to help children with SMA better understand their condition and learn how to explain it to their friends.

Zac is a friendly little zebra who takes SMA in his ‘stride’ with optimism and kindness.

Our story follows Zac to the playground where curious playmates start asking him why he is in a wheelchair and whether he is sick. Zac then proceeds to explain to them what SMA is and how it affects him.

Zac–that's me!

I'm excited to share my story about living with SMA with all my human and animal friends. I also love going to the playground with all of my friends. Meet some of them below!

Some of the main characters introduced by Zac, include:

that’s my big brother

He's the hide and seek champion. Except when he wears that orange spotted shirt.

that’s my friend

He's the best ballplayer on the playground. Even the meerkats can't beat him.

Mrs. Zebra–
that’s my mommy

She's the world's #1 mom. And my personal stylist.

that’s my friend too

She loves a good bamboo smoothie and wants to be a chef one day.

Our story is not representative of all children with SMA – but it does serve as a vehicle to help explain the limitations these children might experience, to educate others about it and raise awareness of SMA.

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